Who is Ian Lipkin? 'Contagion' movie's chief consultant tests positive for Coronavirus

Brenda Watkins
March 26, 2020

Asked if he knows where the got the novel coronavirus, Lipkin said he thinks so but that this "doesn't matter" because "this virus is all over the United States". Watch Dr. Ian Lipkin's interview on Fox Business in the clip above.

Lipkin leads Columbia University's Centre for Infection and Immunity, and revealed his diagnosis in a video interview with Fox Business.

A few minutes after giving a dry cough during the remote segment, Lipkin said, "I would like to say on this show tonight, this has become very personal to me, too".

"The widely respected Lipkin was persuaded to work with screenwriter Scott Z. Burns and Soderbergh on "Contagion" since this was an effort to accurately represent the science and to make a movie that would entertain as well as educate", he told Columbia University's newsletter in 2011.

Could Loss of Smell and Taste Be a Symptom of Coronavirus?
Not only is that the responsible thing to do to avoid spreading the disease, it's also setting an example for your employees. My friend with the virus had been subsisting on chicken noodle soup and small amounts of yogurt for the past week.

Lipkin was the chief scientific consult for Steven Soderbergh's Contagion, which focused on the spread of a global virus and how researchers and officials try to halt it. He said he tested positive for coronavirus on Monday and that the experience has been "miserable". The film also starred the likes of Matt Damon, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, and Gwyneth Paltrow (who's been making jokes about the film on her Instagram for some reason).

He also stressed the importance of self-isolation and social distancing. The doctor advised that "the best tool we have is isolation and confinement".

'It's extraordinarily important that we harmonize whatever restrictions we have across the country because we have porous borders between states, between cities, and unless we're consistent, we're not going to get ahead of this thing, ' Lipkin said.

Among other things, Lipkin talked about potential treatments that are now being explored for the virus. Lipkin warned about the virus turning out to be a pandemic, which it has become, spreading to different countries around the globe.

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