Gatecrashing kids return to delight BBC News viewers Television

Clay Curtis
March 27, 2020

Kim joined Kelly on the air, but unsurprisingly, their children, Marion and James, couldn't sit still.

"Excited about being on telly", the BBC News anchor said as the kids got busy.

The 2017 video has yet again brought some needed laughs to millions of people now forced to work from home.

As Professor Kelly relayed his very serious views, Marion - wearing sunglasses and doing a amusing walk-dance - toddled in and took a seat behind him.

Professor Kelly's wife Jung-a Kim said: 'It's very hard to stay in the house for a very long time. "This is spring season in Korea, so we try to go see the flowers and trees - and they can shout and scream".

Speaking to BBC News soon after the blunder - sitting alongside his wife and two children - with Marion sucking a lolly and James munching on a rusk, Proffessor Kelly was keen to defend his wife against mean-spirited comments.

"I think social compliance here has been pretty high", he said.

"I think so far compliance as been pretty high, you don't see the kind of stuff you have seen in the USA, with people crowding beaches and people refusing to stay off the subway".

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Flash onward to 2020's coronavirus pandemic, as well as several moms and dads possibly really feel a great deal like Kelly many thanks to an untidy combination of college closures, individuals functioning from residence as well as Zoom seminars.

In 2017, Professor Robert E. Kelly, a specialist on South Korea, quickly came to be "BBC Dad" after his lighthearted youngsters happily collapsed a real-time Skype meeting he was having with BBC News.

While Kelly spoke about the country's response, his children grew restless and started to wander around the room and make noise.

"The South Koreans have actually responded really well and that is why the curve is flattened, the cases are down to only 100 a day, it's been pretty successful".

He said:'It is quite apparent in the video that she is frantically trying to salvage the professionalism of the interview.

He said his feelings about the incident had gone from "surprise and embarrassment" to "amusement" and finally "love and affection".

"There he goes!" Kelly said. "These reactions were positive and empathetic".

Professor Kelly said: 'It made us happier. It helps me empathise with parents more. "We were very moved by them".

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