Hacker Leaks Xbox Series X GPU Source Code

Ruben Fields
March 27, 2020

There's growing evidence to suggest the hacker stole nothing of real value.

AMD has filed at least two DMCA notices against Github repos with source code relating to AMD's Navi and Arden GPUs, which have since been taken down. This comes after AMD's next generation of consumer GPUs, Navi 2X, were officially announced on AMD's financial analyst day, March 5.

HackRead.com was able to find the repository days before it was deleted and we can confirm that the hacker is claiming to leak more data in the future. AMD, Intel, Nvidia, and other semiconductor companies have often cooperated to prosecute individuals who have tried this kind of stunt before. However, the chip maker refused to pay the ransom. In that instance, AMD was the potential recipient of stolen Intel information, but the firm acted promptly and in full cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to ensure no Intel IP wound up in their own products.

On Wednesday, AMD confirmed intellectual property related to its graphics processors was stolen past year, though insisted the leaked files will not damage its business nor compromise product security.

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The leaks are tied to files dumped on GitHub, a Microsoft-owned platform that hosts computer coding projects. This past weekend, a user on GitHub claimed to have uploaded the source code for AMD's Arden GPU technology, which is slated to be used in the upcoming Xbox Series X video game console.

The stolen details may have been related to the code for Navi graphics cards and the Xbox Series X custom GPU built by AMD, Tech Radar reported. Whether the files are legit remains unknown. However, the hacker told TorrentFreak that if there's no buyer doesn't for the rest of the code, she will "just leak everything".

'I later found out about the files inside it. "They weren't even protected properly or even encrypted with anything which is just sad", the hacker said. Today, AMD has issued a statement regarding a leak that occurred back in December 2019, confirming that test files related to some current and future graphics products were stolen.

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