Valve Just Announced Half-Life: Alyx

Ruben Fields
March 27, 2020

Yet there are also rumors saying that the newest title will not be jumping ahead of time, and instead will be set during the period in between the first two mainline Half-Life titles.

A new interview transcript that popped up over at Reddit predicts that a new Half-Life game might be introduced at The Game Awards when it airs on December 12.

Put the pitchforks down, folks, we are only kidding about Half Life 3. This pattern admittedly faltered in recent years, with DOTA Underlords being a mirror of other titles eager to capitalize on the new format. If we really want to get insane, we could imagine potential Portal crossovers (at least one that clarifies a bit more of Aperture Science's impact on the world) or an answer to what happened to Adrian Shephard in the events of Half-Life: Opposing Force. This marked the debut of Alyx Vance, who would become a significant presence for player character Gordon Freeman in the show and the most critical NPC ally. Of all the questions in play, that one seems the most hard to answer.

Meanwhile, the arrival of the game will coincide with the 21st anniversary of the original Half-Life, which was released in 1998 on PC, according to Polygon. Signs of a Half-Life VR game have been floating around for years, but over the weekend, leaked snippets from an interview between Geoff Keighley (video game journalist and the host of The Game Awards) and Valve suggested that a new Half-Life game is coming in March.

- "but why does this have to be VR only?"

As for the obvious question that most people are wondering right now: No, there's not a good chance it'll be ported for non-VR use.

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While obviously, a VR title was unexpected, any update on the franchise has fans extremely excited and anxiously awaiting any further information. Is that just 'cause you think the opportunity for innovation was sort of in the VR space with this?

We know we've all waited an eternity for Valve to count to three with the Half-Life series.

- Anyway, so yeah, it's been really fun to build this.

- "Yeah, the engine is ready now".

Although many many people will be eager to get their hands on another official Half-Life, Alyx will be something few will find themselves equipped to play. This will all come to a head on November 20th, during a Twitch Streamer's live-stream.

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