LeBron James Doubles Down on Not Wanting to Play Basketball Without Attendees

Tanya Simon
March 31, 2020

Talked to Lakers guard Alex Caruso about how he's handling quarantine, staying in shape, playing with LeBron James, his path to the National Basketball Association, the toughest players in the league to guard and more.

"What is the word "sport" without "fan"?" So the rest factor, I think it's a bit (over the top).

James added: "When you've been building six months of conditioning and preparation and then [it's gone], the narrative that I don't like [is], "Well, now guys get so much rest" or, like, "LeBron, he's 35, he's got so many minutes on his body, now he gets so much rest". There's no back-and-forth. Especially when you're in full swing.

Past recipients of a LeBron James high-five may be the owners of relics.

"As you can see, his free throws right now, he's gone back more closer to his high school free throw and he's shooting over 80 percent since he's done that", Kidd said. Like, if it's get out there and get back on the floor five-on-five ... but like, we can do that in scrimmages. "Get the [expletive] out, you're getting on my nerves'". However, the coronavirus pandemic and its ability to spread amongst people is leading to LeBron Handshake Reform. "This is not the time".

Cuban clarified that he was only "guessing" about that, and said, "We have to be very cautious, particularly as we try to come back".

Barcelona: Lionel Messi announces players will take 70% pay cut
Barcelona had announced that the ERTE would include pay cuts for "non-sporting" staff, although the details were not revealed. Despite last season's revenue being recorded at £726m, megastores and the club museum have also been closed.

The podcasters suggested using those games to give teams battling for the final playoff spots a chance to play each other in an abbreviated play-in tournament.

If the season had not been interrupted, Thursday would have marked a visit by James's Lakers to Cleveland.

With the season halted, it meant teams and players were left in limbo on what might happen next.

"It's going to help him play until he's 40", Kidd said. "Think about all the great memories that we had". However, it was the potential lack of fans - whether they be cheering or booing him - that seemed the most unsettling to league's most prominent player. I don't know how we can imagine a sporting event without fans. "It's just, it's a weird dynamic".

During the recent Road Trippin Podcast for Uninterrupted and Spectrum Sports, LeBron James appeared live as part of the conversation with Spectrum Lakers host Allie Clifton, and former teammates Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye.

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