MLB Announces Minor-League Financial Support

Tanya Simon
April 1, 2020

As it turns out, the league is more than willing to work with minor leaguers.

Good news on the minor league front (such as it is these days), as minor league players will continue to receive at least SOME payment through the next two months. In the unlikely event the season starts before then, salaries would replace stipends.

The $400 a week stipend may not sound like much, but it is actually a raise for lower minor league players. There was no guarantee for salary or health benefits after April 8, though the league did say they were working on a plan.

The players who are exempt from this support are those who are already under a major-league contract, players who receive other aid - like housing or food - from other clubs and those on the restricted, voluntarily retired, disqualified or ineligible lists.

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Teams will also be tasked with making separate arrangements to support players on Dominican Summer League rosters until May 31.

Minor league contracts have a provision allowing them to be suspended "during any national emergency".

MLB has said it would like to eliminate 42 minor league teams, and with them some 1,000 player jobs.

Major league team owners, not minor league team owners, pay minor league players. In its agreement with the players' union, MLB secured the right to shorten the draft in 2020 and 2021, so major league teams might have fewer players to supply to minor league teams.

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