UN Chief Urges Governments to Protect Women during Coronavirus Lockdown

Clay Curtis
April 6, 2020

Guterres defended the World Health Organization, which has been criticized for underestimating the situation and delaying its declaration of the pandemic.

Mr Guterres warned that the crisis has caused women and girls globally to feel unsafe, with many stuck in homes with those who are domestically abusive.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres late on Sunday (April 6) urged governments around the world to consider protecting women as part of their response to the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic.

The UN is facing a "severe" liquidity crisis as it manages additional costs related to the need to "respond to the global health crisis" by coronavirus, according to an email from Movses Abelian, U.S. Secretary General for General Assembly and Conference Management.

- the Virus is not care about nationality, ethnicity or faith. "I urge both parties - and all others directly and indirectly involved in the conflict - to join forces to address the COVID-19 threat, ensure unhindered access to humanitarian aid and realise the ceasefire they have been discussing under the auspices of the United Nations", Guterres urged.

"Over the past weeks as economic and social pressures and fear have grown, we have seen a horrifying global surge in domestic violence".

"Although a substantial number of fighters and militias have accepted the call, the United Nations chief stressed that there was a huge distance between declarations and deeds" between translating words into peace on the ground, and in the lives of people".

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"And in numerous most critical situations, we have seen no let-up in fighting - and some conflicts have even intensified", he said.

"There are enormous difficulties to implementation as conflicts have festered for years, distrust is deep, with many spoilers and many suspicions".

Turning to Libya, although the warring parties had welcomed calls to stop the fighting, clashes have escalated drastically on all frontlines, obstructing efforts to effectively respond to COVID-19.

In Afghanistan, where fighting increased, Guterres said the time has come for the government and the Taliban, who are working on a prisoner exchange, to cease hostilities "as COVID-19 looms over the country".

Abelian sent an email with further explanation of the Pollard memo, also obtained by CBS News, which said that the world body uses up most of its reserves: "During the first three months of the year, the Secretariat has utilized most of the cash balance transferred from 2019 which has dropped from about $ 200 million to $ 50 million in early 2020". "We need robust diplomatic efforts to meet these challenges".

"The virus has proven how swiftly it will probably transfer throughout borders, devastate countries and upend lives". "We must mobilise every ounce of energy to defeat it".

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