Leaked Samsung Galaxy Buds redesign ditches the earbud stems

Ruben Fields
April 7, 2020

Code-named "Beans", the new TWS earbuds are still in early engineering stages, although development has reportedly been "largely completed".

The renders shared by WinFuture show a pair of wireless earbuds that are seemingly much more compact than Samsung's previous offerings. They are expected to protrude less from your ears than the current design. Instead, the new design may allow the owner to place the lower half of the beans inside the ear, and the upper half is placed in the upper part of the ear.

Codenamed "beans", the 1.1-inch earbuds feature a speaker hold and sensor on the inner ear and microphones and vents on the outside. To recall, the Galaxy Buds+ carry model number SM-R175 and last year's Galaxy Buds carry model number SM-R170.

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Other details on battery life and pricing haven't been revealed just yet, and Quandt warns that the final product could look entirely different from the renders when it actually reaches the market. And nowhere in the renders does it seem like there's any sort of silicone wings or tips to seal in sound. That means that Samsung could potentially change the design or pull the plug entirely, and these li'l beany buddies could never see the light of day. Chances of active noise cancellation (ANC) are looking slim. Of the legumes, these buds are most similar to kidney beans, with a tapered center and bulbs on each end. Samsung's best-yet wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds+, don't offer ANC either.

I'm also wary about how hard it might be to take them out of your ears, although enough R&D should lead to a solution, whatever it might be.

The earbuds are now in the first Engineering Validation Testing (EVT1) phase, which means further hardware tweaks could be made.

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