NH's Epidemiologist and CDC: Wear Cloth Face Covering in Public

Grant Boone
April 7, 2020

But face masks can help prevent infected people from spreading the virus, even if they have no symptoms - prompting the change.

Following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's new recommendation that Americans wear cloth face masks in public, especially in areas with significant COVID-19 spread, many are asking which materials offer the best protection against the virus.

Although the masks do not replace 2-meter (6-feet) physical distancing measures (or the President's Coronavirus Guidelines for America), the agency says that simple cloth face coverings will slow the spread of the virus and help people from transmitting it. Moreover, the CDC emphasizes that surgical masks and N-95 respirators are critical supplies for health care workers and that the recommended cloth face coverings are not of the same quality.

The Ministry of Health is recommending the public should use face masks to reduce the spread of covid19.

When you're choosing a pattern, it makes sense to go for whatever lets you keep a snug fit against the face and is comfortable enough that you won't be tempted to take it off. Tightly-woven cotton is preferred, such as quilting fabric or cotton sheets, though any old t-shirt fabric can work if you have no other option.

While there has been much debate over the effectiveness of wearing face masks while out shopping or using public transport, researchers at the university have found that donning the protective masks can reduce the spread of illnesses. These are your ear loops! Whatever you do, please don't go to a pharmacy to buy a mask.

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The video above from @drharang on Instagram is the best, quick explainer we could find on the topic, as it's not only a great tutorial, but also features some fun pop music that makes folding pandemic masks seem less apocalyptic.

The Guard units, which are part of many deployed in areas where there are widespread COVID-19 cases, have been granted the use of commercial, medical-grade masks, the memo said. "Kind of a homemade, make-it-yourself barrier, whether it's a bandana or a scarf". Note that the featured doctor folds the top of his face mask, then places a folded strip of tissue on top of that fold, before applying both to his face. Don't remove the mask while in public, and do not forget to throw it in your washing machine as soon as you arrive home so you can re-use it later.

This guidance is for cloth face coverings only.

Q. Who shouldn't wear face masks?

- Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth when removing the face covering and wash your hands immediately after removing.

- Support small businesses selling fabric masks at a reasonable price, but watch out for scammers offering high-priced or so-called superior masks. At this time, it's said that the virus can stay in the air as droplets for up to three hours, so even if you're going into a public space where no one is now around, it might not be as safe as it seems.

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