2nd Closest Supermoon for 2020 to Light Up the Sky on Monday

Katie Ramirez
April 8, 2020

The Old Farmer's Almanac explains why it is called the Super Worm Moon.

Sunday's super moon is part of a series of back-to-back super moons.

How to watch the Super Worm Moon? . This is called "perigee" (the opposite is the apogee if you were wondering). Tonight, as with all supermoon events, the Moon will appear slightly larger and brighter than it normally does, so if you've been searching for a reason to stay up past your bedtime, this is it.

Of course, the opposite is true too.

The full moon rises over the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne, Turkey, March 8, 2020. A micromoon is 14% smaller than the supermoon! Optimal viewing times for 2020's full moons will naturally depend upon geographic location. Worm moon usually marks the end of winter - marking the cold, dark period of the year and commencing a new cycle in the natural world.

It's not as odd as it sounds. According to EarthSky, next month's supermoon will be about 221,851 miles from the planet.

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According to NASA, native tribes in the northern and eastern US named the full moon after the earthworm casts - fertilizer produced by the worms - that appear as the ground thaws ahead of spring.

The moon got its name due to its association with earthworms as March is generally when they begin to emerge in the Northern Hemisphere. I saw about twenty worms out and about on a walk, so it seems pretty accurate.

It is also called a supermoon because it will be near its closest point to Earth.

According to NASA, in Europe, it was traditionally known as the Lenten Moon, "as this Moon corresponds with Lent, and the next full moon, the first full Moon in Spring, occurs just before Easter".

There are other great moon names, like the Strawberry moon in June or the Blood Moon in October. Even when we are standing under the brightest lights of the downtown core of a city, where the urban light pollution washes out almost everything else in the night sky, if the Moon is up, it will still be clearly visible. The other two will be on April 8 and May 7.

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