F1 extends factory shutdown to five weeks

Tanya Simon
April 9, 2020

Three teams in McLaren, Williams and Racing Point have already adopted the same measures, with F1 doing likewise to ensure that as a business it survives the current crisis.

F1 has already delayed introducing new auto regulations that are created to encourage closer racing from 2021 to 2022 to ease the financial burden on teams.

The next race on the calendar that has not yet been moved or canceled is the Canadian Grand Prix, which is slated for June 14 in Montreal.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, it was made a decision to bring forward the traditional August summer shutdown to potentially open up new dates for races and help teams like Ferrari, who are undergoing very strict lockdown measures in Italy.

"F1 is certainly trying to organise the best season, maybe starting early July if that would be possible but we can not have any confirmation at the moment".

"I think it is in the interests of everyone to start racing when we can, when that will be possible, and have as many races as we can but I think now it's too early to have a clear picture of what will be the future".

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The season is now scheduled to begin in France on June 28, but each missed race hits teams' earnings from sponsorship and other commercial activities.

"So I think when discussing a budget cap, we should not forget that we've got different situations, and it's important that we found common ground somehow which is suiting to the different situations, and maybe the answer is not a single budget cap equal for all the teams finally".

"I think we should avoid really being emotional at the moment", he said.

"Obviously we know that if some smaller teams were in difficulty, time would become very tight to develop new cars for 2021 so I think at the end that was the right choice". A 15-race season would be the shortest since 1981.

"I think it's important that we altogether look ahead, and make sure we are taking the proper decision with proper priorities".

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