Steve Carell Commands A Space Force

Brenda Watkins
April 9, 2020

As if news of Steve Carrell making his return to the small screen in Space Force on Netflix isn't good enough, it's now been announced that Friends star Lisa Kudrow is also a part of the upcoming original series.

Netflix has unveiled a first look at Space Force starring the one and only Steve Carell.

"Space Force" centers on Mark R. Naird (Carell), a four-star general and decorated pilot who dreams of running the Air Force but instead finds himself tapped to lead the newly-formed sixth branch of the U.S. Armed Forces: the titular Space Force. That new show is Space Force, which you can see the first images for below. According to E! News, Maggie is a typical Air Force wife who has pushed her goals to the side over the years in support of her husband's career. Now, however, she finds herself moving in a different direction.

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Once he takes the reins however, Mark is 'squeezed between the politicians and the scientists, ' series co-creator Greg Daniels told Variety. They're joined by the likes of Ben Schwartz, John Malkovich, Tawny Newcome, and Booksmart's Diana Silvers in what's certain to be a series that'll rocket to the top of your watchlist when it drops on May 29.

Obviously, the idea is playing on President Trump's launch of an actual branch of the military that is really and actually called Space Force and the inherently humorous context around it.

This ain't it, sources close to Hollywood Reporter also stated that Steve Carell has been paid a mammoth of an amount for the show.

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