Apple iOS 14 To Include Gobi Augmented Reality App For Shopping

Ruben Fields
May 21, 2020

While Face ID, on everything from the iPhone X to the iPhone 11 Pro, is wildly advanced and secure, it doesn't deal with face masks well at all. Now, Face ID recognizes when someone is wearing a mask - as it has become an essential item - and immediately switches over to the passcode screen, speeding up the unlock process significantly.

This very Covid-19-focused software update comes with official release notes, which begin with the most immediately helpful new iOS 13.5 feature: reducing the delay of showing the passcode menu on iPhones with Face ID.

Also included in the iOS 13.5 update is an improvement to Face ID for people wearing masks. It also includes the option to control the expanding video tiles when you're in a Group FaceTime call. But on the other hand, it adds an extra step of lowering the face mask to allow the iPhone to scan your face and unlock it.

iOS 13.5 speeds up access to the passcode field on devices with Face ID when you are wearing a face mask and introduces the Exposure Notification API to support COVID-19 contact tracing apps from public health authorities. This is something that we saw in a testing phase on the iOS 13.5 beta late last month.

This change is, obviously, limited to the iPhone and iPad models that have Face ID support.

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Apple says that it's improved Group FaceTime in this update, too, letting you turn off the automatic prominence feature that makes the speaker's tile larger if you want. Everyone who is super excited to use Bluetooth-dependent contact-tracing apps of questionable value has reason to rejoice.

Officially called "Exposure Notifications" in the iOS 13.5 update, Apple (along with Google doing the same with Android) has baked in an API for contact tracing apps.

The users in the USA have also got an emergency call update that allows the device to automatically share health and other details from their Medical ID with emergency services.

Notably, Apple's security updates page doesn't list iOS 13.5 as patching any security vulnerabilities.

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