GTA Online session having trouble syncing error reports

Ruben Fields
May 21, 2020

Rockstar Games made a fortune when they chose to produce a game like Grand Theft Auto or GTA.

Take-Two Interactive has officially announced during their investor call, Grand Theft Auto V has sold a whopping 130,000,000 copies worldwide (excluding Epic Games Store). For a self-refund to work, the game can't have been purchased more than 14 days ago and not played for more than two hours.

Included with the Premium Edition is the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack. Some gamers are reporting continuing problems with GTA Online servers, while others say they are seeing a syncing error. This caused a massive number of players to try the game for the first time this weekend.

An abomination made out of tanks and fighter jets isn't something that should exist.

GTA V Online Restored After Five Hours of Downtime

While a lot of people are anticipating the inevitable release of the sixth instalment that is probably years away, GTA Online has been a formidable form of entertainment recently thanks to the rise in goofy green and purple alien gangs duking it out like hoodlums from A Clockwork Orange. The company is offering the game free of cost to those who are willing to install the Epic Games Store launcher on their PC or Mac.

The silver lining is that this situation won't be permanent.

And this isn't surprising seeing as the Epic Games store nearly immediately crashed as soon as the free offer was made available. With that said, have you encountered your share of cheaters of hackers in GTA V?

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