Samsung unveils new image sensor with faster autofocus

Ruben Fields
May 21, 2020

Samsung has introduced its new 50MP picture sensor known as ISOCELL GN1. This, combined with Dual Pixel and Tetracell technology (for the first time in a single Samsung sensor), allows for more sensitive light capture and "DSLR-style autofocus speeds".

The larger the megapixel of a camera sensor does not always mean it's better. This new 50 MP sensor would offer pixels as sharp as 1.2 micrometers.

The expansion of double pixel stage discovery self-adjust is important in light of the fact that Samsung had an ongoing prominent disappointment around there.

Samsung has unveiled a new smartphone camera sensor today and it's called ISOCELL GN1.

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According to Yongin Park, executive VP of the sensor business at Samsung, the ISOCELL GN1 is another way of Samsung to offer “high-performance image sensors that closely cater to increasingly diversifying market needs”. Samsung's dual-pixel technology places two photodiodes side by side in a pixel and can receive light from different angles for phase detection. Strategy Analytics believes the South Korean conglomerate will likely install the ship in its forthcoming premium smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy Note S20. A larger, lower-resolution image sensor like this has the chance to take better advantage of this technology. This enables the sensor to detect and focus on the desired object- still or moving from every corner, even in low-light conditions.

Additional features like Smart ISO, which helps the phone to select optimal ISO depending on the lighting situation and the sensor can also capture real-time HDR videos. Samsung also provides a software algorithm that uses said light information to produce a result that, according to Samsung, has the same image quality as 100MP photos.

For ultimate low-light photography, the GN1 adopts Tetracell technology, a pixel-merging technique that improves the pixels' capacity to capture and process more light.

For video, the GN1 supports 8K video recording at 30 frames-per-second (fps).

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