Superdrug now selling coronavirus antibody tests for £69

Grant Boone
May 22, 2020

They will be rolled out in a phased way starting next week, he said.

Mr Hancock said: 'I can announce today that we have signed contracts to supply, in the coming months, over 10 million tests from Roche and Abbott.

Reliable antibody testing on a large scale was "an important milestone", Hancock said, and would allow "systems of certification to ensure people who have positive antibodies can be given assurances of what they can safely do".

Widespread availability of antibody tests may help Britain lift its lockdown restrictions, because they show who has already had the virus and might have a degree of immunity, meaning they can resume social contact with others. The tests, produced by Roche and Abbott, will be produced over the next several months, Reuters reported.

Antibody testing has been regularly billed by Boris Johnson and ministers as "a game changer" in the response to the virus, but previous antibody tests have proved unreliable. It won emergency use in the USA earlier this month and clearance for countries accepting Europe's CE marking.

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It comes a week after the government announced that a new COVID-19 antibody test to tell whether someone has had the virus has been approved for use in the United Kingdom after being found to be 100 percent accurate. The test has also been approved in Canada.

The tests typically consist of a finger prick, and the blood is then analyzed for IgM and IgG antibodies to signal if you have been exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19. The new test does not need to be sent to a laboratory to be processed.

People that are showing symptoms of the virus should not take the test for at least two weeks for it to be accurate, Superdrug said.

Separately, the health department announced that the trial of the new, rapid test to see whether people were carrying the virus had begun in Hampshire.

Non-EU migrants now have to pay the health immigration surcharge, which is £400 per year and set to rise to £624 in October. First to health and care staff, patients and residents'. The premier responded that while he appreciated the "importance" of the question, the charge was "the right way forward", bringing 900 million pounds into the NHS a year.

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