Biden’s representative says leaked records of phone calls with Poroshenko heavily edited

Clay Curtis
May 23, 2020

Mr Zelenskiy's comments refer to a leaked phone call which shows then-President Petro Poroshenko and then-U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden discussing the dismissal of a Ukrainian prosecutor in exchange for U.S. support for an International Monetary Fund loan in 2015.

The recordings played at the news conference Tuesday shed relatively little new light on Biden's actions in Ukraine, which were at the center of President Trump's impeachment past year. "This is not a 'perfect conversation.'" But Biden's campaign said the tape is old news about a phone call he made for good reason. For example, the president's former bodyguards.

The release of the tape fragments by Derkach is a Russian provocation created to tarnish Ukraine and drag the country artificially into the USA presidential campaign, Poroshenko's political party, European Solidarity, said in a statement to Channel 5, the Ukrainian television network he owns. Poroshenko reports to Biden that he has fulfilled his order and knocked out of Shokin a letter of resignation from the post of Prosecutor General and requests that his comrade-in-arms Lutsenko be agreed to this position.

In the edited conversations, Biden apparently ties the supply of $1bn in assist to Ukraine to Poroshenko firing Viktor Shokin, a former basic prosecutor broadly thought-about to be corrupt. In 2017, as the US was engulfed by allegations of Russian interference in the the previous year's presidential election, Derkach pushed for an investigation into Ukrainian meddling in the vote - another unsubstantiated claim voiced repeatedly by Trump.

"As for Poroshenko and Biden, yes, I heard, I will comment on it". Much of that is recounted on the tapes.

The remarks prompted an indignant rebuttal from Poroshenko, who stated that the Zelenskiy administration could have performed a job of their launch and needs to be investigated.

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"It's going to be critical for him to work quickly to fix the damage that Shokin did", Biden says.

At no point in the clips released Tuesday does Biden mention Burisma or his son.

But Biden had beforehand acknowledged publicly that he had pressed Poroshenko to hearth Shokin, even issuing a six-hour ultimatum. From the Burisma detraction, to his kid Hunter's transactions, this should not stun any kind of American that takes notice of the happening of the DemocraticParty I am absolutely happy that some lawful system is ultimately exploring the dodgy transactions of the Biden family members, also if it isn't an American court! Poroshenko described the move as the "second step of keeping my promises". In another, the two discuss the potential appointment of his successor, Yuri Lutsenko.

Biden replied that he would "huddle" with his team and "talk over what you and I just talked about".

Poroshenko responded that this was "extremely strong motivation" to do what the United States administration was asking and named Yuriy Lutsenko (who later took over) as a possible replacement for Shokin.

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