Many users experiencing issues connecting to Modern Warfare and Warzone servers

Ruben Fields
May 23, 2020

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone servers have been experiencing many issues over the last few weeks with matchmaking issues and more as many players are online due to stay at home orders and lifestyle recently.

Hardhat, a Multiplayer map at the scene of construction site, is now available in its own 24/7 playlist.

There is no doubt that this will have massive repercussions for the competitive landscape of Call of Duty, where one gunfight can sometimes dictate the momentum of a match, and therefore impact the game as a whole. However, while the Clean Up On Aisle 9 playlist is active, you can jump in to the same Mosh Pit modes as mentioned above in a 3v3 playlist on Aisle 9. This map, first seen in Modern Warfare® 3, is a haven for close quarters, fast-paced, and frenetic combat, but also features some longer sightlines, so a variety of loadout types can find success. Blood Money Quads have returned to Verdansk, allowing players to team up with up to four others to earn their Blood Money. While this isn't particularly new, the size of the update was exorbitant.

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Brush up on the fundamentals in a new limited-time mode - Classic Battle Royale. The game mode brings standard Battle Royale without any Contracts, Gulag, and Buy Stations. You now have the chance of randomly being given an SMG or assault rifle to battle your opponent with. The new weapon choices include the AK-47, M13, Kilo 141, Ram-7, Striker 45, and more.

Users have been able to get into new locations on the map now, and found new loot boxes, areas to get more items, and more teasers as Season 4 of Modern Warfare approaches in early June.

In addition, The Armor Box has been introduced which can be used by the entire team to replenish their armor.

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