Verizon enables 5G uploads, 30% speed increase over 4G

Ruben Fields
May 24, 2020

The concept of the Labs is to create a physical space for customers, partners, entrepreneurs, students and others to work together and stress test their ideas on Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network. We are soon getting a new 5G city and you won't just see fast speeds when you download stuff going forward.

These new upload speeds will be enabled across 35 cities that already have 5G coverage.

The report claims that Verizon's sustained success can be put down to its signal strength results, which have generally been stronger than those of the other carriers across the USA, and Verizon's signal to noise ratio (SNR), which the report hailed as "exceptional". Previously, Verizon's 5G was only used for downloads, while uploading on their network was still handled by 4G LTE. News releases are also available through an RSS feed. Not only can extenders expand coverage inside, they allow more customers to add more devices to the network and enhance millimeter wave coverage at outdoor locations. Which offers insane fast speeds, but the coverage is awful. Sprint's 5G availability was a little better at 10.3%; its network operates on the 2.5GHz band, which is also known as mid-band spectrum.

Verizon isn't standing still either; the carrier says that it is doubling its mmWave coverage from 30 cities to 60 cities by the end of the year. It means faster upload speeds (30% faster than LTE) that will let you share high-definition movies in seconds, video chat with better clarity, and play online multiplayer games with a connection that might be better than the one wired to your home.

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Recent reports suggest that San Diego is set to become the latest city to receive 5G services on May 28.

AT&T announced in April that its 5G network now covers more than 120 million people and 190 markets. It's on target to have a nationwide reach of its own by mid-year.

So the carriers will have to continually improve their 5G experiences to accommodate what the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro can deliver.

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