Saints Row: The Third Remastered - Chaos Continues in the Official Launch Trailer

Ruben Fields
May 25, 2020

One of the good news about the remake of the latest Saints Row game is the fact that it is available on the modern consoles. As the third game in the Saints Row series it's the one that fully embraced its comical, juvenile, and silly side wholeheartedly.

You won't take much time in guessing like a lot of big shows, movies, and video game schedules are changed due to coronavirus. Except for the original game that was released exclusively on the Xbox 360. To celebrate the occasion, Sperasoft and Deep Silver have released the official launch trailer - as insane and chaotic as you would expect from Saints Row. Hit detection can also feel off at times and often using the melee finishers can result in falling through the map which it did on more than a few occasions.

If you are interested in purchasing the title, you can get it from the Epic Games Store from the following link. The next game will come out after March 2021. What more could you want?

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Saints Row 5 is coming up with better graphics and visually appealing features and gameplay. The over-the-top and comic tone of the third Saints Row game from developer Volition is fun pure and simple. You can play the entire game yourself or with the multi-player option and you can move on to the new mission by dividing the rewards.

You can return to Saints Row: The Third right now on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC for £32.99. The AI of your partner on some missions, especially any escort or ones that require you to protect them can be frustrating as I found at key moments they would just freeze, vanish or just be so completely dumb that they just stand there being shot which requires constant reviving.

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