Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Version 1.2.1 Full Patch Notes

Ruben Fields
May 27, 2020

Villager selection is based on chance and on your friendship level. Here's how it works.

If the formula determines that a villager will ask to move, the game picks a villager at random. If you were playing around with a recently discovered hole teleportation glitch, this appears to have been fixed by the most recent patch. There are hundreds of villagers in the game, though, and you may be stuck with someone you don't want hanging around.

Birthday was within the past 7 days.

This confirms for the first time that not befriending villagers is helpful for getting them to leave. Unfortunately, Ninji notes speaking to Isabelle about a troublesome villager will not impact the likelihood of a villager choosing to move out. The game relies on two central formulas to roll the dice: one to decide if anyone will ask to move out, and one to decide who will ask. There are 80 to lure in new horizons, and you can promote them, present them, donate them, or show them. The next day, they'll have packed the items in their house away, and the following day they'll leave your island.

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No villagers will ask to move out for 15 days after a villager has already moved out. Every island you visit will have a different villager on it, and if you have a chat with them you'll be able to invite them back to your island to live.

If the calculation passes, a random villager will be selected to move out. This can even happen a week or so after you visit if one of your own villagers decides to leave later. Jackbox Games has put together a site that helps people take designs made in Tee K.O., one of The Jackbox Party Pack 3 games, and prepare them as QR codes you can use in Animal Crossing: New Horizons or New Leaf.

The checklist beneath carries the time of 12 months, time of day, area, shadow measurement, and cost for every fish in animal crossing: new horizons. You'll know there's a guest camper on your island when Isabelle announces it during her morning meeting or if there's a tent erected on the campsite plot. Do you think the time between villagers moving out should be reduced?

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