Numerous Apple iOS App Fishy Updates Are Being Re-Issued

Ruben Fields
May 27, 2020

The new jailbreak, released by the unc0ver team, supports all iPhones that run iOS 11 and above, including up to iOS 13.5, which Apple released this week. The unc0ver jailbreak does not tinker with sandbox security of iOS either, also keep programs running separately so they can not access data that they should not.

Is iPhone SE the latest iPhone & # 39; affordable & # 39; for India? But if you've recently noticed more iOS updates than usual, just know you are not alone and this might be related to a bug called "This app is no longer shared with you".

It's not entirely clear year if this will fix the issue for everyone, but it seems like a big step in the right direction.

There is no information from Apple as to why updates for the already up-to-date apps are being reissued.

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The tool is compatible with iOS 13.5, the latest software released by Apple just a week ago.

The details are still missing, how the jailbreakers have done this, and what the hackers have used to build the jailbreak.

Security experts will usually advise iPhone users against jailbreaking, because breaking out of the walled garden vastly increase the surface area for new vulnerabilities to exist and to be found. The theory is that the iOS 13.5 problem where popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and more refusing to load was being fixed by Apple by republishing the apps. We won't tell you how to do it, and most people probably shouldn't do it in the first place. Separately, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been pushing its iOS backdoor schedule, while confirming that it was able to hack older iPhones using unknown tools. Companies selling security exploits have unveiled new tools that can help the police, or have made unusual claims about iOS bugs: Zerodium said a few days ago that you have too many iOS vulnerabilities on hand, so you don't need to buy additional ones.

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