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Brenda Watkins
May 29, 2020

Following the tweet: 'I really f**cking hate racists' some Twitter users have reminded the actor that hate is a strong word and should not be used anyhow, especially when targeted towards another human being. "Even within the face of demise this man was given zero empathy", Boyega posted on Twitter on Wednesday, with the hashtags "#RIPGeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd".

The actor then replied to a Nigerian man who said he broke up with his black girlfriend because she was racist against white people, explaining he was referring to exclusively white on black racism. "And if you don't fucking like it, go suck a dick".

John Boyega took to Instagram Live after he received unwarranted backlash for speaking out about George Floyd's death. "Thunder fire you", Boyega tweeted.

As white people, it's essential that we don't police the way in which black people express their outrage at racism.

However, many still weren't getting the point of his tweet, and John headed to Instagram for a live video.

When questioned about spreading hate, Boyega replied: "I said what I said". "The kind that has ruined the world. I wasn't raised by no weak people". "#RIPGeorgeFloyd#BlackLivesMatter#JusticeForGeorgeFloyd", Boyega tweeted on May 27.

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Boyega remained firm in his stance and later gave a passionate speech about racism on Instagram Live.

An issue as racism goes just beyond black and white people, but in this case, some other races also called out the actor and the black community for always "being extra" when it comes to matters that concern their community regarding racism. "Speak up for yourself at all times". "You lot better f-ing believe that".

The posts from Boyega on Twitter and Instagram were spurred on by his reaction to the death of 46-year-old George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police officers.

"We ignore ignorance, and we ignore people that come through and try to make these situations what they're not", he said in an expletive-filled video rant, before stressing, "I'm not even apologizing, first of all".

"There's no way that I have the opinion that there's no other forms of racism". While the alleged "forgery in progress" was a non-violent crime, Floyd died later that day at the Hennepin County Medical Center due to one of the officers kneeling on his neck for more than seven minutes at the scene, causing respiratory distress. Of course, there are other forms of racism", the Pacific Rim: "Uprising star said. "A black man was just murdered in cold blood, in the streets, Stateside, again, while saying that he can't breathe".

State authorities and the FBI are investigating the case.

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