Global Protests for George Floyd Staged in Berlin, London and Toronto

Brenda Watkins
June 1, 2020

She went on school the public about white privilege as she said: "If all lives matter why are black people killed for just being black?"

Standing with the Black Lives Matter movement, the artist has issued a statement amid ongoing injustices against people of colour, calling out white people who "make everything about yourself".

"If I hear one more person say "aLL liVeS maTtEr" one more f**king time I'm gonna lose my f**king mind, ' the Bad Guy hitmaker said in her letter".

DEMONSTRATIONS ARE taking place in Dublin following the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who was pinned to the ground by a white police officer's knee in the United States last week.

A Black Lives Matter protester is seen with the phrase "I'm not a target" written on his back.

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Eilish also captioned the post #blacklivesmatter and #justiceforgeorgefloyd. Now, Billie Eilish has joined in, posting a lengthy and passionate Instagram post. Nobody is saying your life just isn't exhausting. "All you mfs do is find a way to make everything about yourself", the Grammy victor pointed out. "You are privileged!" she tried to explain.

"If your friend gets a cut on their arm are you gonna wait and give all your friends a band-aid first because all arms matter? No you're gonna help your friend because they are in pain because they are in need because they are bleeding!"

Hopefully the way she broke it down will have educated some of the many young followers she has, and encourages them to use their voices as well. You are IMPLICITLY saying other races don't matter as much. Why are immigrants persecuted?

As many as 25 cities across 16 USA states have imposed curfews while at least eight states and Washington D.C. have called on the National Guard to help respond to protests and unrest as of Saturday. Eilish wrote. "Why is it okay for white people to protest literally being asked to stay at home while carrying semi-automatic weapons?"

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