Google announces several new features coming to Pixel smartphones

Ruben Fields
June 1, 2020

In addition, this month brings another Pixel Feature Drop that includes improvements to the adaptive battery feature, new emergency contact tools, and more. Bedtime Mode can now be set to automatically turn on when you plug in your phone (which many people do at bedtime). The Sunrise Alarm feature will show a visual cue as your wake-up time is approaching to help you get up more gently.

While we all wait for Android 11's official launch, and perhaps even word of the Google Pixel 4a, Google has announced a small software update with new features that have begun rolling out to Pixel phones.

The Clock app on Android is also being updated with a new Bedtime tab.

Also improving in this month's new update is Google's Personal Safety app.

The Personal Safety app introduced on the 4 is now coming to all devices, while the 3 will get auto crash detection.

You can now start a recording in the Recorder app through the Google Assistant.

Android update delivers new ‘Bedtime’ features focused on improving sleep

For example if you're about to go on a run or hike alone, safety check will make sure you made it back safely.

If you don't respond to it, the app will alert your emergency contacts. A new feature will allow you to set up a scheduled check-in time where you'll be required to confirm your safety. You can now say, "Hey Google, start recording my meeting", or "Hey Google, show me recordings about dogs". You'll also be able to save a transcript to Google Docs if you plan to share it with others. In the event that a users needs immediate help or are in a risky situation, emergency sharing notifies all of your emergency contacts and shares your real-time location through Google Maps so they can send help or find you.

Rounding out this new Google Pixel update are some security patches and functional improvements. Adaptive Battery is created to predict how long your phone will last on a charge, and then use that information to adjust system resources appropriately to eke out the maximum possible longevity.

The June 2020 patch should hit your phone over the next few days, and as always, you can manually check and see if the update is waiting for you.

Nearly all of these updates are coming to the full line of handsets, from the newest Google Pixel 4 to the Google Pixel 2 - sorry, original Pixel owners.

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