Latest macOS Update Brings Better Battery Life to MacBooks Among Other Improvements

Ruben Fields
June 1, 2020

Because charging a MacBook continuously up to 100 percent greatly reduces the health of the battery. This gives users the option to toggle an option so that video tiles don't jump around in size when someone speaks in a video call - which is an annoying occurence, as we all know.

To disable the new battery management feature, go to the Energy Saver panel in System Preferences, click "Battery Health", uncheck "Battery Health Management", and click OK. Further, the macOS Catalina 10.155 update brings different pest solutions as well as efficiency enhancements.

If you are a MacBook user and worry a lot about battery longevity, then you will be pleased to learn that a new software update can prolong your investment in a MacBook by taking care of how the battery is charge so that no harm is done when the power cable is plugged in for an extended period of time. While the feature sounds interesting, you can turn the feature off if you want every minute of battery you can get.

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Lithium ion batteries degrade over time significantly worse if kept charging at 100% constantly. You can stop the programmed bunch FaceTime video resizing that drives a few people up the wall, much like you can with iOS 13.5. On the basis of the measurements it collects, the battery health management will reduce the maximum charge of the battery when this mode is enabled.

Third, once there, users should click on Battery Health, located at the bottom of the Energy Saver window. It also adds controls to let you better calibrate the Pro Display XDR, and has other bug fixes and security improvements. Additionally, there are fixes for issues that exist in Reminders and the System Preferences settings. Furthermore, there are protection spots that you can check out from the dedicated assistance web page.

Readers should note that the feature will be turned on by default when a Mac user updates their device to macOS 10.15.5. A screen will emerge to provide the details of the update. This update came 2 months after the macOS Catalina 10.15.4 update.

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