Beware! Don't use this image as wallpaper on your Android phone

Ruben Fields
June 2, 2020

However, this did not work for Android Authority - their reporter had to factory reset their phone in order to resolve the problem.

The crash might force you to restore the phone to factory settings, which means you'd lose all the data in the process. Or, if you really need it as a wallpaper, then just edit it before setting it up.

We first came across the issue via a Tweet from a reputable figure in the technology industry, Ice Universe.

The problem is solved in Android 11, but if you're running Android 10 there's a chance your phone could crash depending on the wallpaper you set. Your recourses are to either use safe mode to delete the photo file or use the bootloader to reset the device entirely.

The image is said to be affecting Samsung, OnePlus, and Google Pixel smartphones primarily. Once the wallpaper is set, the device crashes and continually turns the screen on and off on the lock screen.

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Reason So, why it is happening? So whatever you do, don't download and use the image on your phone.

While the exact cause remains unknown, the folks at 9to5Google suggest that the problem may have something to do with color profile incompatibility. Well, hidden in the coding for this image is apparently an improperly coded color profile - and a Google color profile, at that - and when you set it as a wallpaper on an Android phone, it will cause the Android System UI to crash. A straightforward fix has already been submitted to Google's AOSP repository by developer Davide Bianco who proposed artificially limiting histogram bounds in Android 10 to 255, and Samsung has also reportedly prepared a fix that will arrive in a future software update for Galaxy devices.

This leads to image handling errors, causing the phone to brick. Let's hope a fix for this issue rolls out soon, even though not all phones will get it too promptly (if they get it at all).

There is a good chance that other similarly incompatible images are also doing rounds on the internet.

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