Mail-in primary enters last days

Grant Boone
June 5, 2020

But if county elections offices are overwhelmed again this fall by requests for mail-in ballots, the sort of delivery delays experienced by voters in the primary could result in many more provisional ballots, which could mean even longer lines and heightened potential for disenfranchisement.

Because Nevada has a closed primary and county commissioners are a partisan office, Douglas County's large Republican majority determines the outcome of that race. On April 8, given my age and the pandemic, I applied online for mail-in ballots for all 2020 D.C. elections.

Gov. Janet Mills' order, dated Wednesday, also lets election clerks set up secure drop boxes for absentee ballots, so voters can submit them more easily, and gives towns and cities more time to change and consolidate polling locations in advance of an Election Day for which many are doubting they'll be able to recruit enough poll workers.

If people who've requested a mail-in ballot don't receive it before Election Day, they can cast a provisional one at the polls.

Election officials say ballot counting went smoothly throughout the day on Tuesday.

Many counties have specific public health and safety procedures for in-person voting.

More consequentially, casting a provisional ballot takes more time because poll workers often place a phone call to check records at the main office.

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Statewide results should be released on Tuesday night after the last in-person voters cast a ballot.

Jordan Emely is a judge of elections in State College. Meanwhile, deadlines to accept mailed ballots were extended into next week in Philadelphia and six counties that are home to a total of 3.8 million voters.

A tenth of those ballots were returned as undeliverable.

To help anticipate the surge in absentee ballot requests, the Georgia Secretary of State's office mailed 6.9 million absentee ballot request forms to active Georgia voters, a process that took only 6 days from ideation to execution.

Georgia voters have already cast 1,033,585 ballots.

As of Tuesday, 465 ballots have been rejected because of an issue with the signature.

Only four voters have registered and cast a ballot so far, while nine updated their registration and received a new ballot. Voters dropping off a ballot for another person must sign an affidavit.

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