Billie Eilish Says No Boyfriend Has Ever Made Her ‘Feel Desired’

Brenda Watkins
June 7, 2020

Billie says she acquired mad when she went to go to her brother and musical collaborator, Finneas, and noticed individuals hanging out "all over" regardless of what was occurring within the nation.

"And reflecting on her experience at the Grammys, the "Bad Guy" hitmaker also spoke in defence of Tyler, The Creator, who won the award for Best Rap Album but later challenged his addition in the category when he makes" genre-bending" content. "But I feel you watching, always". 'My past boyfriends never made me feel desired. "None of them. And it's a big thing in my life that I feel I have never been physically desired by somebody", she revealed.

She revealed in May 2109, during a campaign shoot for Calvin Kelin, that she wore baggy clothes to avoid drawing attention to her body.

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Speaking to GQ magazine, she said: "Sometimes I dress like a boy". However, she did speak about feeling trapped by her clothing style. "That doesn't mean that I won't wake up one day and decide to wear a tank top, which I have done before", she added. When asked if she had a room for someone special as she spread her wings in the music industry, the Grammy victor made a shocking confession that she never felt powerful while in a relationship. "That tour video was about all of that". I think if you're not trying to change things a little bit, you're not evolving. If what I wear is comfortable, I am not a woman. Though you've never seen my body, you still judge it - and judge me for it. Twitter users sharing the photo commented about her physique and the size of her breasts. "It's actually kind of dope", she said. "I get to see it and get to show it when I want to".

When it comes to finding a boyfriend, Billie said she doesn't see it for herself. "So I think we're just trying to embrace everything that we are proud of in our music and also just try new things and experiment and give people stuff to look forward to".

Adding that she never felt completely at ease with "looking like other people", she went on to say that her desire to be like others disappeared 'pretty fast'. "I'm gonna be a woman".

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