Massive 'Godzilla dust cloud' from the Sahara is headed for the US

Katie Ramirez
June 25, 2020

Now lies the big question.will we eventually feel or see the effects here in southeast Wisconsin? It's already sparking Air Quality Alerts for the Caribbean with the Gulf Coast next in line.

A vast cloud of dust from the Sahara is blanketing the Caribbean as it heads to the United States with a size and concentration that experts say has not been seen in half a century. However, the current dust plume is thicker and larger than normal.

We may see some dust in Michigan Saturday and Sunday.

The thickest plume of dust is now just south of Cuba - and over the next 24 hours will move into Texas and the southern United States.

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The dust cloud now cloaking the Caribbean and the southern USA is one of the largest in recent memory, making it especially hazardous to those who suffer from respiratory illnesses or allergies, causing difficulty breathing, asthma attacks, and swelling of the throat and eyes.

Most of the dust will remain airborne, but some could reach the ground and cause respiratory problems for people with allergies and asthma, as well as children and the elderly.

It will put a pause, at least for now, on tropical storm activity in the region, as the dry air removes the humidity hurricanes need to form.

The tiny dust particles also scatter the sun's rays at dusk and dawn, too, which the National Weather Service says could mean some especially colorful sunrises and sunsets. An ideal voyage along the Easterlies and Puerto Rico makes this year's dust even more special, and marks the strongest arrival of SAL in 15 years!

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