Mexican officials raise Oaxaca earthquake death toll to six

Katie Ramirez
June 25, 2020

Power was cut in some areas around Mexico, but there were no reports of injures, Fox News reported. The epicentre was 12km (seven miles) south-southwest of Santa Maria Zapotitlan in Oaxaca state.

The epicenter was near the beach resort of Huatulco in Oaxaca state on the Pacific coast, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Officials with Mexico's civil protection agency warned that they expect sea levels to rise up to 3.7 feet (113 centimeters) above normal levels following the quake, and they recommended that residents move away from the coastline.

Shaking was felt hundreds of kilometres away and buildings in Mexico City felt the natural disaster.

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The quake along the coast of the southern state of Oaxaca, Mexico, on Tuesday caused several deaths and damaged property.

A magnitude 7.4 quake struck the coast of southern Mexico on Tuesday, setting off a tsunami warning for the Pacific coast of Central and South America. People who live in these coastal areas should stay alert.

Helicopters flew over downtown Mexico City and police patrols sounded their sirens. This is along the Pacific coast, around 315 miles south of the country's capital, Mexico City. Significant earthquakes have been recorded in the southern coast of Mexico throughout history, including a magnitude 8.0 natural disaster that struck in 1985 and caused around 9,500 fatalities, injuries to 30,000 people and left 100,000 people homeless.

Mari Gonzalez of the Princess Mayev hotel in Huatulco said staff and guests were able to evacuate the building before the quake, but that 45 minutes after the initial quake they were still outside as strong aftershocks continued. The building had already been damaged in a 2017 natural disaster. "It was strong, very strong", she said. Experts said that its location off the coast helps explain the relatively limited damage. The vast majority of the world's earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur along the ring.

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