Millie Bobby Brown's New Netflix Original Is Totally Different From 'Stranger Things'

Brenda Watkins
June 27, 2020

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Next we have Millie Bobby Brown's Enola and Henry Cavill's Sherlock with their their brother, Mycroft, played by Sam Claflin, at a train stop.

Set in England in 1884, Enola (Brown) wakes up on the morning of her 16th birthday to find her mother (Helena Bonham Carter!) has disappeared, leaving behind an odd assortment of gifts but no apparent clue as to where she's gone or why. For the uninitiated, Millie plays the little sister of Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes, a movie based on the Enola Holmes Mysteries book series of Nancy Springer.

'Killing Eve" star Fiona Shaw will also join the cast of "Enola Holmes", as well as Adeel Akhtar from "Four Lions", Frances de la Tour from "Harry Potter", and Susie Wokoma from "Chewing Gum'.

A 19-page complaint was filed Wednesday in a New Mexico federal court.

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Also, the unbelievable casting of Robert Pattinson and John David Washington is also what the audience is looking forward to. Movie theatres had been pinning their hopes on the film as a major July release that could bring audiences back to theatres.

As per Springer: "This one shows Enola, portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown, breaking an invisible wall by talking to the audience in the midst of the action". Famed for being quite stoic, the Doyle estate says that only after Arthur Conan Doyle returned to write more Sherlock Holmes novels that he then added these new character traits.

The suit is also claiming that while much of Conan Doyle's earlier Sherlock stories are part of the public domain, the writer's later 10 stories about the British investigator (published between 1923 and 1927) are private because those tales delve into his emotional state.

These images, which we first saw at Entertainment Weekly, focus primarily on Brown's titular Enola, offering our first glimpse at the film, which is now scheduled to premiere this fall. "The character needed to develop human connection and empathy". Eventually, with the onset of some real-life experiences of Doyle, the character development was altered where Holmes besides being "the most brilliant rational and analytical mind needed to be human".

Netflix and the other defendants have not yet responded to the lawsuit.

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