Florida records another record surge of COVID cases; Arizona braces for uptick

Grant Boone
June 28, 2020

A week of record-setting coronavirus cases culminated on Friday with a staggering 8,942 new infections statewide, pushing Florida's total to almost 123,000, according to the Florida Department of Health. Meanwhile, Arizona recorded 3,591 new cases of COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, matching its prior record on June 23, while Nevada disclosed 1,099 new cases, double its previous high. On Friday, 71,433 people were tested and about 14.74% of those tests came back positive. Unlike testing, which might be limited or take days to report results, hospitalizations can help give officials a real-time snapshot of how many people are severely ill with COVID-19.

Earlier this week New York, New Jersey and CT imposed a 14-day mandatory quarantine on travellers from states with high infection rates like Texas and Florida, where some 13 percent of those tested on Friday came back positive.

There are a total of 132,545 Florida cases*** with 3,390 deaths related to COVID-19. During that stretch, Polk - which had a previous one-day high of 182 Sunday - has recorded 1,111 cases, an average of almost 139 per day.

Broward County saw 750 new cases at 11.7% positivity. The county's confirmed case total is now at 13,320.

On Thursday, the state announced 5,996 new cases.

The recent spike in new cases has prompted the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) to once again suspending the consumption of alcohol on the premises at bars on Friday morning.

A woman rinses her feet as others wait in Miami Beach Florida

The surge in cases has been most pronounced in a handful of Southern and Western states that reopened earlier and more aggressively, serving as a warning to the potentially illusory nature of any perceived progress in controlling the virus.

Polk County's increase to 2,780 total cases was over 8% Friday.

And while several Miami-Dade cities are requiring people to wear masks in public, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday refused to make a statewide mandate. The death toll is at 947, the highest in the state.

Previously, it has taken as long as two weeks for pending test results from private labs to be added into the state's official count, making it hard for officials to project the size and scale of the pandemic in the state.

In a reversal of his early moves to relax restrictions, Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Friday ordered bars across the state to close and required restaurants to limit indoor seating capacity to 50%.

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