Japanese startup develops ‘internet-connected’ face mask

Ruben Fields
June 29, 2020

What's more, presently, while the COVID-19 pandemic is as yet influencing a few nations, we have a brilliant veil.

As deal with coverings become the norm amid the coronavirus pandemic, Japanese startup Donut Robotics has developed an world-wide-web-linked "smart mask" that can transmit messages and translate from Japanese into 8 other languages.

Donut Robotics, the Japanese technology company that invented this c-mask, has stumbled upon this idea while searching for a product to keep up the company running in this outbreak. 5,000 units of the C-mask will be delivered in the market by September.

At the same time, the coronavirus had begun to spread, Donut Robotics secured a contract to supply robot guides and translators to Tokyo's Haneda Airport.

Donut Robotics is also aiming to sell the smart mask in the United States, Europe and China, where fears of a second coronavirus wave are a recurring feature of the current social and economic landscape.

Japanese Startup Creates Face Mask Attachment With Transcribing And Translating Functions

It not only converts speech to text message, but users can also make calls from it. The mask also amplifies the voice of the user so that his voice is heard loudly by the other person.

According to the CEO of Donut Robotics, Taisuke Ono, they have been working hard for many years to develop various types of robots that assist in many sectors of society.

The price of a face mask is $ 40 i.e. around 3,000 rupees. Ono said that the mask was developed four years ago and was meant to interpret speech by analyzing facial muscles. One aim, he said, is to generate revenue from subscriber services offered via an app that users will download.

Donut Robotics built a prototype connected mask in just a month by adapting translation software developed for its robot and a mask design any particular one of the business's engineers, Shunsuke Fujibayashi, created four years back for students project to interpret speech by mapping face muscles. The money to create the product, equivalent to $260,000, came from the sale of Donut Robotics shares through crowdfunding site Fundinno.

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