YouTube Has Suspended Monetization on Shane Dawson's Channels

Brenda Watkins
July 2, 2020

Since then, the people who have played different roles in the controversy were presented to share their version of the story, with a couple of accusations against Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star. Tati Westbrook kicked the drama off when she made a 42-minute long video that exposed her issues with James Charles, the beauty guru she spent years mentoring. And I've said that privately but I want you to hear it publicly, ' she said in the video uploaded last night, saying that James wanted to feature in the video, but she was advised that wouldn't be a good idea.

Rebecca also added a true apology for her actions.

Tati Westbrook accuses Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson of manipulating her. Tati, James Charles, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson are involved in great drama. After meeting in December a year ago, the Tati Beauty founder and the CoverGirl ambassador met and exchanged the direct messages they had with Star and Dawson. "Comply with your coronary heart", she mentioned. And when James announced the vitamins that represent the competition for Tati she felt that it was a confirmation of the information that Star said she had.

Westbrook's new video is the latest in a series where Westbrook claims that the "Bye Sister" video was a mistake, and that she did it as a result of being manipulated by Star and YouTuber Shane Dawson.

These Internet figures have been controversial, if you want to know all the tea about why Tati Westbrook, James Charles, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson are trending, read on ...

Bubba Wallace's dad gets emotional talking about support for son
It was part of the garage door's pull-down rope, which had been fashioned in a way that resembled a noose. Bubba has done nothing but represent this sport with courage, class and dignity.

Westbrook pointed out that she usually spots "deceit and manipulation from a mile away", but she was manipulated by Dawson and Star because her guard was down. In the video, she discusses many events that have happened in her past, claiming there is a lot of "truth that has so come forward". Shane and Jeffree allegedly pushed her into uploading the "Bye Sister" video. After promising he will be a "better person", Star continued to expose the "dirt" he had on other YouTubers. Then, Star introduced her to Dawson, to whom she confided her secrets, including being a victim of sexual assault.

Web page Six Design and style has attained out to Westbrook, Charles, Star and Dawson for comment. "Dramageddon 2.0", as it's been named, began shortly before Dawson and Star launched a collaborative makeup offering through Morphe. The night before she filmed her video previous year, Star sent an audio file of the alleged victim of Charles.

In the clip, Dawson, now 31, holds up a piece of paper with "The Holocaust" written on it and tells Black, who was 16 at the time, to act it out so that he can guess what's on the paper.

James Charles attends the 96.3 Mega FM Calibash on January 11, 2020 in Los Angeles.

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