Trump posts video of couple brandishing guns towards protesters

Clay Curtis
July 4, 2020

"I don't like that you have been weaponized for political means", Cuomo said, before taking a subtle shot at Fox News" Tucker Carlson, who had hosted McCloskey and Watkins just an hour earlier. I was literally afraid that within seconds they would surmount the wall and come into the house, kill us, burn the house down and everything that I had worked for and struggled for the last 32 years'.

On CNN, however, McCloskey said the demonstrators first had been intimidating him and his wife.

See the video below, which has over 10 million views.

Even after seeing clear evidence showing the protesters entering private property and so threatening the couple's safety, the media have been feverishly spinning the incident as 'crazed gun owners v. peace-loving protesters'.

Protest organizer Darryl Gray said on Friday, "Are we angry?" "It had nothing to do with race".

"I was a victim of a mob that came through the gate", he said. I was anxious I was going to be killed. "I didn't care what color they were". Mark, 63, has called the protesters "Marxists" and "terrorists" who really did not care about the Black Lives Matter movement. The statements are yet to be taken from the protesters who allegedly broke open the iron gate of McCloskey mansion in Portland Place on Sunday.

Louis protestors were on their way to the mayor's house to demand she resign for doxxing folks who were advocates of defunding the police. "For people that are having a hard time making their miracle happen".

'My black clients love us. "That's what was happening that night, that's what happened to me - that's the damage I suffered".

St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson has now apologized for revealing the names and addresses of citizens who called to defund the police.

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The US President's July 4 celebrations have descended into chaos before they've even begun. Grant, George Washington, Christopher Columbus and Theodore Roosevelt.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey have been criticized for pointing guns - an assault rifle and a pistol - at the protesters and demanding that they leave their private neighborhood.

The affidavit states they have "regularly prohibited all persons, including Portland Place residents, from crossing the Parcel including at least at one point, challenging a resident at gunpoint who refused to heed the McCloskeys' warnings to stay off such property".

Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner said her office was working with police to investigate, saying she was alarmed because "peaceful protesters were met by guns and a violent assault".

It continued, saying that the couple "acted lawfully on their property" and that their actions "were borne exclusively of fear and apprehension". "In fact, the agitators responsible for the trepidation were white".

"In this climate of hatred and this climate of fear and the concern activists have for safety, we didn't feel that this was the most prudent thing to do in this particular time", Gray said.

They were the only ones to lodge an official police report about the confrontation citing "threats of harm" and police said Monday they would not be charged.

Mark McCloskey remarked that the crowd of protesters had broken a gate to his estate as they marched toward the mayor's house on the city's Central West End on Sunday evening.

McCloskey cited the vandalism and looting of stores during recent protests across the country as a reason he was so frightful.

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