Geoff Keighley's The Final Hours of Half-Life: Alyx is Now Available

Ruben Fields
July 11, 2020

By early 2016, numerous workers at the enterprise identified the concern of way too lots of small, unfinished assignments, and rather managed to rally a greater group about a massive VR task leveraging Valve's concentration on the Vive and other forthcoming VR tech that would use the Half-Life IP. But the project never saw the light of the day because Valve's Source 2 engine wasn't ready for L4D3 and suffered technical issues while developing the game.

In fact, this vision of Half-Life 3 would have been more like Left 4 Dead.

"Every other playtest, pieces of your base would go missing, and zombies would float in", Valve programmer Don Holden, who had worked on Left 4 Dead 3 in 2013, said in the documentary. This third spin for the cooperative zombie shooter was going to be set in Morocco and would've possibly had horde counts that stretched into hundreds of zombies being on-screen at once. But it turns out that, at one point, Valve actually did have it in development. "It was hard to build a first-person shooter on Source 2 at the time", Speyrer says.

SimTrek: A VR game develoepd by members of the Kerbal Space Prgram team that was also shelved during Alyx's development.

Much of the 50 percent-Existence: Alyx group is hoping the company will produce a complete-scale 50 percent-Everyday living recreation for additional common platforms, but some are not sure Valve has the measurement and scale of personnel for such a venture. However, it never left the conceptual stage before Valve canceled it. It also drew inspiration from Dark Souls and The Elder Scrolls.

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Borealis. A Half-Life VR project, led by writer Marc Laidlaw. But there's one hint that could pike your interest: Valve has been working on a "top-secret project" since 2018.

Another VR project, codenamed Borealis, would've expanded the Half-Life narrative.

There are many things Half-Life 3 could have been, and we find ourselves grateful that this particular iteration didn't stick.

Incidentally, the VR game was initially set to launch closer to the release of Valve's Index headset, but playtesters were underwhelmed with the gameplay of the finale.

However, the way Keighley described the game in Final Hours, it sounded as if it could have been something completely, drastically different from everything else in the Half-Life universe. There is much, much more to the app than just the cancelled games' information, including insights into Valve's working culture, scrapped elements of Half-Life: Alyx, and story changes that would have wildly changed the Half-Life story.

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