Google Says Android 10's Adoption Rate Is the Fastest Ever

Ruben Fields
July 11, 2020

The most notable was Project Treble, which launched alongside Android Oreo, and made it easier for manufacturers to skin the OS by taking a modular approach. Google's latest Android OS was running on over 100 million smartphones five months since its launch.

This install rate also happens to be the fastest among previous versions of Android, with this iteration achieving the feat 28 percent faster than that of Android Pie. While Google's numbers were impressive, the company has stopped publishing the breakdown percentage of Android devices that are running the different version of the OS.

In case you're wondering how this is possible, Google claims it all comes down to its improvements to ship updates more effectively and a lot faster to Android devices.

Meanwhile, Google also outlined all the measures it takes to make adoption rates even faster with Android 11. It's up to OEMs to integrate security patches and new versions of the OS with their customizations and roll updates out to devices, but that's expensive. Google announces something like Project Treble for the new version of Android, but we have to wait a whole year before we can see what effect it has on updates to the next version.

Google first revealed a year ago that scrolling screenshots were planned for Android 11, and hints of the functionality were present in the first Developer Previews earlier this year.

Android 11 release date scheduled for 8 September

They wrote that because Android is released as an open-source piece of software, it is then customised by the phone manufacturers to work with their own cameras, interface and other special considerations.

Apple's limited number of devices allows it to push the latest updates to most of its active users instantly. But it is really considerably less of a challenge with every main update, and that is culminated with past year's Android 10 release. Google says, "Mainline provides security and privacy updates for the OS in a way that's similar to apps - through Google Play".

Apple has an upper hand in iOS adoption rate due to complete control over hardware and software operations.

The Android 11 beta testing is in full swing. The goal is to cut the amount of time it takes for updates to flow from chipmakers to devise makers down the pipeline.

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