Superhot: Mind Control Delete free for owners of the Original Game

Ruben Fields
July 11, 2020

Now the team is launching a new standalone follow-up game, Superhot: Mind Control Delete, and if you own the original game in any form, you'll be able to claim the new one for free. As Superhot 2016 is usually much cheaper than that on most storefronts and platforms, it just makes sense to buy it now and get this new game for free.

If you haven't tried Superhot, then A, it's really good and you absolutely should have by now, and B, the game is currently on offer on the Microsoft Store, Steam, and Xbox.

The game was noted for its unique art style, which was presented in bright white settings and red enemies, and for its challenging gameplay. The developers said that making a VR version is like making a whole new game entirely. Superhot Team clarified on their website that only players who purchased the original Superhot with money will receive the sequel for free; if you received Superhot as part of a giveaway you will not be eligible for a free copy of MIND CONTROL DELETE. According to reports, there will be new enemies to battle and characters to control. Are you unable to shake the inescapable urge to keep playing?

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What's more is that there's more than 2 million free copies going to gamers who have already purchased the original. Time only moves when you do, and so it's down to you to solve these compelling slow-motion combat puzzles by using your expert shooter skills and the slow passing of time as your tools.

Of course, with the expansion not set to release on Nintendo Switch, Superhot Team has a concession prize for those who bought the game on the handheld. The PC version will be sold via Steam, GOG, the Epic Games Store, and the Humble Store. For Xbox One owners, a system message will include a free voucher. But the deal applies only to folks who have purchased the recreation and not people who received it for no cost by means of a bundle, sale, or other advertising like PlayStation As well as or Xbox's Online games With Gold.

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