Devolver Digital released a free game…to market their not free games

Ruben Fields
July 14, 2020

Carrion - Out July 23 for the Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch, and the PC. It's a unique looking game, and we'll hopefully get to find out more before it comes out later this year. The trailer is an absolute bloodfest, as we see the monster ripping people apart and eating them.

Devolver Digital is known for its unusual E3 appearances, but sadly, due to the E3 2020 cancelation, they are pushed to create their own. Microsoft's Phil Spencer announced that it will also release then on Xbox Game Pass.

In Carrion, players assume the role of the aforementioned creatures. In addition to this all-new hyperviolent trailer, during the full show there were a few jokes about announcing a sequel already, although I don't think those should be taken too seriously.

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A side-scrolling action adventure game, with a minimalist pixel art style reminiscent of the classic Pitfall, it's quite a bit more frantic than those humble graphical stylings might suggest, with a homing spear as your main weapon.

Olija is about Faraday, a man shipwrecked and trapped in "the mysterious country of Terraphage". Ultimately, your goal is to grab Devolver swag from game booths - while watching trailers for upcoming Devolver games along the way. PS4 and Steam. It's a colorful game.

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