Halley's Comet will light up the night sky on Cinco de Mayo

Katie Ramirez
July 25, 2020

"The Moon will have set as the shower starts to peak, which means the sky will be nice and dark and it will allow everyone to see the fainter meteors", Dr Tucker said, adding that people should give their eyes 10 minutes to adjust to the darkness. "That's particularly important with a shower that has a radiant so low in the sky". However, it is also visible in the northern hemisphere. "But observers from mid-northern latitudes may only see about half as many".

"The southern hemisphere is preferable for viewing the Eta Aquarids", the space agency says. The Eta Aquariids are known for their speed, topping 150,000 miles per hour as the meteors impact Earth's atmosphere, which results in spectacular shooting stars.

The source of the Eta Aquariid meteor shower is Halley's Comet.

"...essentially as Halley's comet goes around the sun, bits of rock and ice melt, that's what produces the tail... that leaves a wake of debris around the sun and as the Earth passes through it those little bits of rock and ice hit our Earth's atmosphere and burn up into these brilliant streaks of light".

When Earth ploughs through this orbital debris field, the meteor slam into our atmosphere at about 70km per second.

Origin of Eta Aquariids as seen from Sydney at 4 am on May 6.

The constellation sits between the constellations Capricorn and Pisces. Eta Aquarii is one of four stars that make up the top of the "water jar".

The residents of northern hemisphere, including the resident of Qatar, will have a good chance to seeing and observing Eta Aquarid meteor shower, which will illuminate northern hemisphere sky from the evening of tomorrow till the dawn of Wednesday, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) has announced.

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Viewed from London, Aquarius can be found in the eastern skies.

Then just a day later on May 7, lunar buffs can look forward to a "super flower moon", marking the fourth and final super moon of the year.

"The best time will be in the early hours of the morning, between 3am and 5am, and although the meteors will come from the east, you can see them anywhere in the sky".

"Meteors will be visible with the naked eye so there's no need for binoculars or a telescope, just a comfy chair and a clear and unobstructed view of the night's sky", Mr Rigby says.

However, there is no need to locate the radiant because the Eta Aquariids will fly out in virtually every direction.

This is a meteor shower that happens annually.

"That's because the meteors fly every which way across the sky, in front of numerous constellations".

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