Comet Neowise may be seen in Goa

Katie Ramirez
July 26, 2020

Comet NEOWISE, named after NASA's telescope that first detected the celestial object, will be viewable an hour after sunset.

Adrian Campos captures the Neowise Comet with Thomas Mountain in view.

Comet "Neowise" was seen on Wednesday, July 22, in the night sky over the city of Arak, central Iran, much to the delight of skywatchers.

Comet Neowise as noticed from the Czech Republic on the morning of July 6.

"Because it's been moving away from the sun, it has been systematically getting fainter", he said.

According to NASA's Emily Kramer, who is the co-investigator of the NEOWISE mission, "You should be able to see it from most places in the Northern hemisphere, so long as you have a reasonably dark sky and have a clear view of the northwestern horizon".

Thursday night the comet will be at its closest to earth, 63 million miles away.

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Binoculars or a telescope will enhance your viewing experience but aren't necessary.

Be sure to see it now because it won't return for another 6,800 years.

A once-in-a-lifetime comet presented a rare display in the early evening skies over the Anza Valley over the past few days. Even though you will find no stringent definition of what a terrific comet is, it is really frequently agreed that we have not witnessed just one considering the fact that Hale-Bopp. Online resources like TheSkyLive also offer similar night sky maps to aid your comet quest.

Although the comet will not appear as bright as it did a couple of days before, it will still have a distinct glow around it.

The comet will be noticeable towards the northwest and western edges of the sky.

If you never catch the comet prior to it inevitably fades absent in August or sooner, you'll have to wait around awhile for its up coming excursion by means of the internal solar program, at the moment approximated to materialize in the calendar year 8786.

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