Google Gave All Android Users a Couple of Free Tools Today

Ruben Fields
July 30, 2020

Its phones run Google's Android operating system with its own software running atop.

According to a person briefed on the matter who has told Bloomberg news, the discussions involve giving Google more control over search on Samsung handsets globally which would also see Google's digital assistant and Play Store for apps on Samsung devices being added over its own services.

The most prominent feature is the automatic phone backup option that is baked into the Google One application for Android.

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While it sounds like an incredible offer from Google, there is a huge catch - Every Google user gets a free 15GB allowance and the phone backup data will count against your free storage. The latest update to the app will let users save their contacts, calendar events, photos, and videos with Google.

Google One allows you to share a single account with five different people, so if you are unable to use the 100GB storage space alone, you can share your account with family members. In addition to this, Google is offering a new feature which lets users organize the data residing on their phone. The data is not lost if users "break, lose, or upgrade" their phone. The Google One iOS app is expected to be available soon.

Using the organize your storage feature, users can manage and clean up files from across Drive, Gmail, and Photos. As a free Google One user, you would be backing up to your free 15GB of storage that comes with your Google Account. Both Android and iPhone app users will be able to back up their phones even if they don't have a Google One membership, the company announced in its latest blog post. "You can keep the files you want, get rid of the ones you no longer need, and make room for more-all in one place", the company said.

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