Marvel's Avengers War Table stream and beta news coming today

Brenda Watkins
July 30, 2020

Warzones are the dungeon-like missions of Marvel's Avengers, and there are five available to play in the beta.

You will also get to play as Iron Man, Kamala Khan, Black Widow, and Hulk in the Warzone missions, allowing you to experience two-thirds of the characters in the game at launch. Later they take the Quinjet to a remote War Zone in the frozen Russian tundra to uncover SHIELD secrets hidden in a deep underground bunker. In the Beta, you'll unlock three HARM challenge rooms, which are called Excursions when chained together in the full game.

These are just some of the tidbits of information picked out of the War Table reveal.

Today the developers revealed that the beta for MARVEL's Avengers will give players access to the Golden Gate Bridge demo that we all saw during the gameplay reveal, which will give players a chance to play as every single one of the Avengers during the A-Day event. Iron Man's Hulkbuster will be available, too, with rocket-propelled attacks and other powerful melee skills. As with all non-cosmetic post-launch content, Hawkeye will join the roster for free.

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The Playstation Advantage Pre-order Beta will become available next weekend starting on August 7, followed by an Open Beta for the entire PS4 community the weekend of August 14 and a final Open Beta the weekend of August 21.

This video dives deeply into how you customize Super Heroes' Gear, Skills, Outfits, and how to launch missions from your helicarrier base of operations to take on AIM. It also looks at some of the comics that inspired this game's portrayal of the character, specifically pointing to Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon.

The ambitious cinematic superhero video game is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia on September 4th but there are those fans of Marvel comics and the MCU who still might not be able to wrap their head around Square Enix's next big AAA game. Complete the beta, and you'll also get the Hulk Smashers Pick Axe and Hulkbuster Smashers Pick Axe in Fortnite.

To go along with his unveiling, here's a Marvel's Avengers Hawkeye trailer.

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