'Sekiro' is getting a free update with new gameplay modes and costumes

Ruben Fields
July 30, 2020

At Sculptor's Idols, Wolf will now be able to revisit past bosses for, as FromSoftware puts it, 'an even greater sense of understanding and pride.' Whether this means you can't nab some additional resources for completing a boss again, or if it's just a feel-good, isn't clear.

Sekiro's new boss rush mode will let players battle boss-level enemies individually or consecutively in the Reflection of Strength and Gauntlet of Strength modes, respectively. The timing of the update is intriguing, and hopefully portends added support for next-generation consoles which are expected to ship around the same time.

They're also adding a new feature called Remnant Records, an evolution of the various different messaging systems that have appeared in their games in some form since Demon's Souls. The new clothing options will become available to those at a Sculptor's Idol, but only if they achieve the hardest of feats.

The final two mechanics being introduced in the update are both something you'll need to unsheath your weapon for; reflections and gauntlets. Meanwhile, the Gauntlets of Strength tasks players to beat every boss in a single life. A third is also being added as a reward for successful completion of the game. Outfits can be unlocked either by finishing the game or by taking part in the Gauntlets of Strength. It ought to be noted that outfits are purely cosmetic in nature. Through these Remnants, one could hope that they or others may gain knowledge and further insight to overcome their current obstacle.

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If a neighborhood member watches and rates a Remnant, the owner of it will acquire acquire their HP recover free of charge.

On the game's official blog three new surprises were briefly described ahead of the release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. This expanded version of Super Lucky's Tale, which was previously exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, will now be headed to other platforms, giving more players a chance to try it out.

This would possibly possibly perhaps perhaps also be particularly helpful for those Sekiro avid gamers who're having fun with for the predominant time on Google Stadia, which is ready to be released on the streaming carrier on October 29, 2020 as smartly.

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