US President Donald Trump floats election ‘delay’ amid claims of voting fraud

Daniel Fowler
July 30, 2020

United States President Donald Trump on Thursday raised for the first time the possibility of delaying the US November presidential election.

Trump also said he would not trust the results of an election that included widespread mail voting - a measure that many election observers see as critical given the coronavirus pandemic.

When asked if Biden had considered what would happen if he wins but Trump refuses to leave the White House, Biden said "I'm absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch".

Several consensuses emerged, among them that Trump is trying to distract from the record-shattering 33% GDP drop, that he doesn't have the power to delay the election, that the twet should not be taken lightly, and that Trump's claims about mail-in voting are wholly unsupported.

Even before the pandemic another swing state, Pennsylvania, had chose to make it easier to vote by mail.

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted many states to expand and ease restrictions on their mail-in and absentee voting options.

The US President can not legally delay the election. Five states already rely exclusively on mail-in ballots, and they say they have necessary safeguards in place to ensure that a hostile foreign actor doesn't disrupt the vote.

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Mr. Trump trails former Vice President Joseph R. Biden by double digits in most national polls and is trailing the Democrat in several key battleground states.

"I have to see", Mr. "No, I'm not going to just say 'yes.' I'm not going to say 'no, ' and I didn't last time, either". "Even beyond that, there's no accurate count", the US President said.

All states allow at least a portion of the population to vote by mail.

In April, his presumed Democratic rival Joe Biden claimed the incumbent would "try to kick back the election somehow".

"I'm not thinking about it at all", he added.

"The general election will happen on November 3", he said April 3, before his poll numbers nosedived. He said he had no "reason to think" the upcoming election would be rigged.

Could the November election be delayed? "No, I look forward to that election".

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