China Successfully Launches Its First Mars Rover to the Red Planet

Katie Ramirez
July 31, 2020

Recently, Baidu App worked with the Mars mission to host a livestream program where scientists shared authoritative knowledge about outer space. It will then orbit the red planet for two to three months before attempting a landing.

A Long March 5 carrier rocket destined for the red planet blasted off Thursday from the Wenchang Space Launch Center in the southern Hainan province. To accomplish the mission's assignments, the lander and the rover must sustain undisturbed power generation and remain in contact with ground control even amid unpredictable scenarios on the Martian surface such as the planet's frequent dust storms, he said. After all, climate circumstances or an surprising subject may change that, but when all the pieces runs as deliberate over the subsequent week and the weather conditions over the launch website in Cape Canaveral, Florida, are calm, then we are able to look ahead to the thrilling spectacle of United Launch Alliance's Atlas V rocket lifting off as scheduled. "And it is reflective of how ambitious China is to do significant space activity". The NASA portal said that it will be the first rover to bring the samples collection of rocks and sediments from Mars to Earth in the future projects.

The country's space program is now developing its next-generation Long March 9 rocket, capable of carrying five times more weight than the Tianwen-1 mission's Long March 5.

Satellite photos counsel the bowl once held a lake, and researchers contemplate it to be a person of the very best destinations on Mars to try out to locate proof of past microbial action - if ever that took put.

The reason all the launches to Mars are happening now is because it is the peak orbit points for when it takes the least amount of energy to get to Mars, which happens every 26 months, according to Logsdon. For example, one of Perseverance's 10 instruments, called MOXIE (short for "Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment"), will generate oxygen from the thin, carbon dioxide-dominated Martian atmosphere.

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Stacking continued on April 29, as the rover-sky crane duo was attached to the back shell of the conical structure which contains the mission's parachute system.

Ouyang also elaborated on the scientific tasks of the mission. The targeted touchdown location will be a flat plain within the Utopia impact basin just north of Mars' equator, the same general region where NASA's Viking 1 lander touched down in 1976. Five years later, the USA made it look easy when NASA's Viking landers successfully touched, spending years returning pioneering data.

As for how soon we can expect to see humans on the Red Planet, Logsdon said that "depends on whether you believe Elon Musk or not".

The Perseverance rover explores Mars in this artist's rendering. "And now it's going back to Mars".

"But if we start off viewing intriguing factors on the area of Mars that we cannot clarify in the spectra, then we will glance again to the calibration goal to make positive that the instrument's operating the right way".

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