Valorant's New Agent Is the Appropriately Named Killjoy

Ruben Fields
July 31, 2020

Riot Games has today announced that Killjoy is the new agent coming to Valorant, its popular 5v5 first-person shooter game. "If their harm doesn't take her enemies out, the debuffs her robots present will make brief work of them". This enterprising girl will therefore use her automatons to get the better of her opponents, following the principle according to which "tactics beat firepower". Hold arm if you wish to remember your deployed bot. Turret (Q) - Sometimes it is great to plant some roots.

This shrewd inventor from Berlin is capable of putting her enemies against the walls; We tell you everything that is known about her abilities. We will see her in action from 4th August, when Act II of Valorant begins.

Killjoy's basic abilities include Alarmbot, a sneaky assassin type that waits for an enemy to move within range and then tracks them down, detonating upon impact to leave them in a "vulnerable" state. Throw the grenade. If it lands, it seems silent. (Fellow agent Viper can debuff opponents in a similar fashion.) If you change your mind, it's also possible to recall a deployed Alarmbot by holding the Equip shortcut.

Signature Ability (E) ⁠- Nanoswarm: Equip a Nanoswarm grenade.

Alarmbot can be pretty useful at entry spots or usual camping corners as it leaves enemies with little to no room for falling back. Upon landing, the Nanoswarm becomes hidden and can be activated by Killjoy to send a swarm of damaging nanobots to nearby enemies.

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As for her Nanoswam, it can be placed in strategic locations to put additional pressure on enemies when a fight breaks out. Killjoy's ultimate ability is Lockdown, which detains all enemies in its radius.

Killjoy equips a lockdown device which can be deployed by pressing the "fire" button.

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The Valorant team may need to reconsider the size of her Ultimate.

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