Fauci: COVID-19 pandemic with no timeline for finish

Clay Curtis
August 1, 2020

Tucker Carlson blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci Friday night following an exchange between the infectious disease expert and Congressman Jim Jordan over public gatherings, specifically protests.

Fauci reiterated his belief that a safe and effective vaccine would begin rolling out in early 2021 in a phased manner - with the most vulnerable first in line.

Looking ahead, Fauci said he's "cautiously optimistic that we will have a vaccine by the end of this year and as we go into 2021".

Trump tweeted as a House oversight committee heard from the nation's top health officials on the federal response to coronavirus.

Responding to questioning by a House Democrat, Fauci says the scale of the USA outbreak is the result of multiple factors, including some states opened too quickly, disregarding federal guidelines. But we have seen all kinds of stuff like that during protests and we know that protests actually increase the spread of the virus.

Trump appeared to be watching, tweeting insults at the media and Democrats and insisting that the high case numbers in the USA were due to increased testing - an assertion that his own administration has repeatedly said is not true.

Almost 4.5 million Americans have been been infected since the start of the pandemic, and more than 150,000 have died, according to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

COVID-19 outbreak among attendees of a Georgia camp
The first reported case was on June 24 and began sending campers home soon after and shut the entire camp down by June 27. The camp ignored the CDC's advice that all participants in summer camps wear cloth masks - requiring them only for staff.

"We are going very quickly". "I'm not in a position to determine what the government can do in a forceful way", he said.

Fauci said in his AP interview that he's concerned because the United States has not followed the track of Asian and European nations also hit hard by the coronavirus.

"Eleven vaccines were reviewed by a panel that provided recommendations for how these candidates might be further developed and assessed, and we look forward to continuing this involvement and supporting the vaccine R&D efforts", Fauci said. "You make comments on dating, on baseball and everything you could imagine". I'm telling you what is the danger, and you can make your own conclusion about that. He did not speak on whether ongoing protests have increased the spread of the virus, but stated, "You should stay away from crowds, no matter where the crowds are".

"So you're allowed to protest - millions of people on one day, in crowds, yelling, screaming - but you try to run your business, you get arrested?"

"Our massive testing capability, rather than being praised, is used by the Lamestream Media and their partner, the Do Nothing Radical Left Democrats, as a point of scorn", the president continued. While hospitals can generally deliver in-house test results within 24 hours, large commercial labs that do about half the testing for the country take longer, particularly if there's a surge in new cases. That includes the need to wear masks, avoid crowds and practice good hand hygiene, he said.

"When you sing and you protect your voice, the aerosols of the virus come out", he said, contradicting Centers for Disease Control recommendations on socially distanced worship.

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