Fauci Testifies on Unifying Coronavirus Response at Hearing

Clay Curtis
August 2, 2020

Government committees will determine who needs the vaccine first, Fauci said.

And while most states in the US soon after followed suit, the Trump administration resisted calls to copy European countries and refused to put in place any sort of federally-mandated stay-at-home order.

Meanwhile, US biotech firm Moderna and pharmaceutical giant Pfizer have launched late-stage trials of the coronavirus vaccine.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) got into a heated exchange with Dr. Anthony Fauci on Friday while discussing the impact the nationwide protests have had on the spread of COVID-19.

"You've opined on a lot of things, Dr. Fauci", Jordan responded.

The administration is preparing for wide distribution, with the hope that the current vaccine candidate will prove effective in phase three trials, Fauci said.

Carlson has been critical of Fauci several times on his program, including earlier this week, calling him "a hypocritical buffoon".

Dr Anthony Fauci is fighting back against questioning from a Republican lawmaker over whether recent protests increased the spread of coronavirus.

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A veteran of six Republican and Democratic administrations, Fauci has become the most familiar face of the administration's coronavirus task force but a target of many conservatives who want to see the economies fully reopened.

The meeting's actual title was "The Urgent Need for a National Plan to Contain the Coronavirus", which is not a response to there being literally no contingencies around the pandemic, but to the rising number of USA citizens getting sick. "But no limit to protests, but, boy, you can't go to church on Sunday".

"If we tested less, there would be less cases", is quite a statement.

Fauci said the reason for the surge in cases boiled down to some states not following gateway guidelines that recommended only loosening restrictions when certain parameters were reached. Giroir says about 75% of testing results are coming back within five days, but the remainder are taking longer.

"Well, you make all kinds of recommendations".

U.S. Congressman James Clyburn said the coronavirus is "raging out of control", while Trump sidelines the country's public health and science experts.

Giroir stated that limited testing resources should focus on detecting newly emergent outbreaks early, diagnosing COVID-19 in hospitalized patients rapidly, and protecting those vulnerable to severe SARS-CoV-2 infection. The hearing took place as more than 150,000 lives have been lost to the novel coronavirus and the country leads the world in total cases with over 4 million Americans infected. "Because claims of having a vaccine, ready to distribute before you do testing, I think, is problematic, at best".

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